Ordering custom T-shirts can be quite a process from start to finish. Here are the steps you should follow to allow for a much smoother and quicker order from beginning to end.


The price of custom printed shirts is based on 4 main factors:


1.The total number of shirts.  The more shirts ordered the cheaper the shirts will be.

2.The number of colors in the artwork. The more colors (up to 6) the more expensive.

3.The number of locations to be printed.  (i.e. front, back, side, etc.)

4.The color of the shirts. White shirts are the cheapest, with heather greys being the next most expensive, and solid colors being the most expensive.


Here is what we need to get you a quote:


1.The color as well as the total number of shirts.  The quote will be more accurate if you have the total number along with a size breakdown, but we can at least get started with the total.  Our price breaks are at 12, 24, 48, 72, 144, and 288, and 500.  We have breaks at 1000 and 2000 as well, but the vast majority of orders are less than 288.

2.We need to have an idea of your artwork.  Do you already have print ready artwork, or will we need to design something from scratch?  If the artwork is not print ready and we have to rework it, or if we have to design something from scratch, we charge $45/hr for artwork with a one hour minimum. If you do need a fresh design, try and be as detailed as possible in the various elements and colors as well as positioning you are looking to have in your artwork.  Also include any examples of art that you might find pertinent.

3.We need to know where all you would like us to print.  This ties in with B from above.

4.A few other things that help expedite a quote are your contact information and your in hands date.  For contact info we will need at least an email address to which we can send your quote and any proofs for artwork.  In case we need to get a hold of you more quickly than via email, it helps to have a good contact number for you.  If we are to ship the shirts to you, we also need your shipping address at this time.


Once we have all of this information, we can get started on your order.  I will mockup your artwork on a proof to show you the approximate size and position of the print in each location.  Take special note of any and all spelling and also that the colors are what you were expecting.  You will receive 2 artwork revisions at no cost.  After the second change there will be a $5 fee per change.  If you see multiple changes to be made, make sure you let us know about all of them at one time to save you fees on revisions.


After we get approval on the mockup, we go to print.  Allow up to 2 weeks from final approval of the artwork and quote to receive your order.  We guarantee deliver within 2 weeks, but are often time much faster.  If you have any questions please call us at 281-859-5761, or send an email to




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